tandem skydiving

Experience the thrill of free falling towards the Earth at 120 MPH, whilst strapped to an experienced British Skydiving Tandem Instructor.

You will receive an instructional brief and have all your last minute questions answered, before boarding a perfectly good airplane with the intention of throwing yourself out of it from 12,000 feet!

After falling at terminal velocity for approximately 45 seconds, your instructor will open your parachute at around 5000 feet. You will then gently glide back towards the ground, taking in the beautiful scenery of the Cambridgeshire countryside, under control from your expert instructor.

Sibson Airfield, Wansford Road, Wansford. PE8 6NE.


SUN 18th JULY 2021 

FRI 20th AUG 2021 

SAT 21st AUG 2021