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bushcraft and survival weekend

Learn the basics of bushcraft and survival in a safe, controlled environment, with our knowledgeable and experienced instructors. If you’re interested in spending a weekend in the wild, learning bushcraft and survival techniques then this is for you.

Basic bushcraft survival skills can save your life…You can also impress your friends the next time you go camping…


Equipment – Survival Essentials

Key survival items, what they are used for and how to use them

How to build your own survival kit


      Shelter - The Key Principles and Consideration

   Site selection, key considerations and things to avoid

Lightweight emergency shelter options

Build your own shelter 


Water - Find, Collect and Purify Water

Collecting water

Water filtration

Different methods for purifying water

Fire - The Fundamentals of Fire lighting

Improvised fire lighting using different materials

How to select the best sources of tinder and kindling

Collecting and preparing your firewood

Building and sustaining your fire in any conditions 


Food – Trapping and Fishing for Sustainment

Trapping (snares and traps)

Fishing equipment & basic techniques

Navigation – Primitive Direction Finding

Basic navigation methods

Survival navigation techniques 


Signalling – Rescue Signals

Ground to air signals

Audible signalling

Signal mirrors

Smoke signalling

Ground Sign Awareness & Tracking

Introduction to various animal signs and trails

Introduction to tracking people


First In Events Courses are taught by professional instructors with many years of experience in using the techniques you will learn.


The aim of our bushcraft course is for you to not only see the techniques, or even just ‘have a go’, but to fully participate in learning to apply them in a realistic, safe environment.


Celtic Woodlands, Road Wood, Maesmynis,

Builth Wells. LD2 3HP


 18th - 19th May 2024

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