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prepping & bug out course



Are you prepared for the worst? With natural disasters, civil unrest and worldwide conflict becoming more commonplace, it is more important than ever to be prepared.

Over this course we will discuss threats, preparations, procedures and equipment in the event of a disaster or hostile scenario.

   During the course we will cover:



Prepping Priorities

Bugging In vs Bugging Out 

Permissive Vs Non Permissive Environments

Route Selection and Tactical Movement

Evasion Techniques

Every Day Carry

Escape and Evasion Kit

Get Home Bags, Bug Out Bags and INCH Bags

Car Prep

Emergency Signalling


We will then carry out an overnight exercise, where we will conduct a live ‘Bug Out’. As part of a disaster scenario, we will practice navigation, route selection and spend the night living out of your Bug Out Bag.


The course will be conducted at the Celtic Woodland in Builth Wells, Mid Wales. Located on site is the famous Bug Out shop, an ideal source for all your Prepping, Survival and Bug Out needs, warm showers and a toilet block.

Future proof your life and Stay Prepared!

Celtic Woodlands, Road Wood, Maesmynis,

Builth Wells. LD2 3HP


 20-21st April 2024

13-14th  July 2024


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