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meet the team

Tom Blakey, First In Events Director
Tom Blakey, Director

Tom served for over 30 years in the Parachute Regiment with 1 Para, the Pathfinders and the Red Devils Freefall Team. He has completed seven operational tours, including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. During his time with the Pathfinders, he served as a Patrol Commander and Forward Air Controller in specialised teams behind enemy lines.

He is a qualified Tandem Freefall Instructor, Jungle Warfare Instructor and Mountain Leader. He has completed over 4500 freefall jumps to date, including numerous HALO and HAHO jumps.

In his spare time Tom enjoys hillwalking and skydiving.

Carl Beavan, First In Events Instructor
Carl Beavan, Instructor

Carl served for 13 years in the Parachute Regiment, with 5 years in the Pathfinders.

He deployed on several operational tours, including Northern Ireland and Kosovo.

After Carl left the military, he began a career in the Fire Service in London. He completed his 22 years in the service, 10 of which in the UK Search and Rescue Team, where he responded to natural disasters all around the world.

Carl is a qualified Jungle Warfare Instructor, Tracking Instructor, Combat and Survival Instructor and Mountain Leader, with over 25 years experience in the hills.

He is a keen mountaineer with a love of the outdoors, and now spends his time competing in endurance events and travelling.

Jason Wing, First In Events Instructor

Jason Wing, Instructor

Jason undertook 12 years military service and deployed on operational tours including the Gulf War and Bosnia. He qualified as a Parachute Signaller, Special Forces Communicator (SFC) and completed the gruelling Pathfinder Patrols Cadre. Other highlights included operational deployment as a member of the General’s Close Protection Team, Jungle Warfare, SERE training, and Advanced Patrol Medicine.

Jason has climbed in the Himalaya to over 6000 metres, run 100-miles along the Nepalese/Indian border at altitude and completed the Iron Man Wales triathlon. More recently, Jason works as a SORT Paramedic (Specialist Operations Response Team) with the ambulance service and outdoor first aid instructor.  This allows him to indulge in his passion of the outdoors as  a qualified Mountain Leader and Climbing Instructor.

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