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young warrior

Are you a young person (13+ years old) who wants to join the military, but are unsure of the skills required?


Join us on our Military Skills Weekend, where you will be taught fieldcraft and soldiering skills by a former Paratrooper and Pathfinder, with over 30 years soldiering experience.


The weekend will be conducted in the Northamptonshire area and will include;

Preparation for Basic Training

How build an Improvised Shelter

Basic Fieldcraft

Living in the Field

Preparing and cooking military issue Ration Packs

Personal Camouflage and Concealment


Contact Drills

Hand Signals

Battle Procedure

Section Attacks


You also will have the opportunity to ask questions about basic training, life in the military and operations, gaining valuable tips and advice for your chosen career.

For the whole weekend, including food & equipment the cost will be only £75.


Young Warrior Weekend

10th -11th JUNE 2023 

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