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Following several requests, I have designed the Pathfinder Insight Weekend for serving soldiers who wish to attend Pathfinder Selection. I served for 12 years in the Pathfinders, including five operational deployments, so I know what it takes to pass the course and to serve in one of the most elite units in the British Army.


The weekend will be conducted in the Brecon Beacons and will include;

  • Breakdown of the PF Cadre

  • Tips and Hints to pass the PF Cadre

  • Kit Prep for the PF Cadre

  • Pathfinder Personal Skills and Characteristics

  • Organisation of the PF

  • PF Patrol Composition

  • PF Skills and Roles

  • Life in the PF - Training, Courses and Operations

  • Navigation Theory

  • Navigation Practical


The aim of the weekend will be passing on information to enable you to have the best chance possible to pass the PF Cadre. It is not a beasting. Personal fitness is your own responsibility! You will have the opportunity to ask me questions on anything you may have regards the selection course or life in the Pathfinders.



Dates to be announced 

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